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This is an English translation of Kronstam's final contract.  It is in many ways a standard contract. Its extraordinary parts are the late date (April 23, 1993), the short term (August 1 through October 31) and, especially, the line written in bold in the original.

23 April 1993

Dear Henning Kronstam,

We hereby offer you a contract as instruktør and artistic consultant to the balletmaster for the period of 1. August 1993 to 31. October 1993.

The salary comes to Danish kroner [amount deleted] per month. The salary, which has not been regulated, is paid every month and in advance.

The salary also includes potential teaching of classes by appointment with the balletmaster.

As you will know a part of the above mentioned salary is deducted every month in accordance with pension rules set out by the State's Central Payment Office.

Your contract of 3. December 1992 is hereby annulled.

For your formal confirmation of agreement with the above, please sign and return the copy enclosed.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Christiansen